The Losses Keep Mounting

How much has been lost to Construction Industry Tax Fraud in the past year? Watch the losses climb, from Jan. 1, 2018 to now.


Are you fed up with Construction Industry Tax Fraud? We Are.

It’s Time to Stand Up, Speak Out, TAKE ACTION.

In the U.S., tax season officially started in the U.S. at the end of January when the IRS requires employers to send W-2 forms to all employees. Seems simple, but more and more workers who should get a W-2 don’t—because many of those who employ them are cheaters.

The crisis involves various forms of fraud and illegal behavior, and it’s a gigantic problem in construction among large and small contractors on all types of construction projects—including ones you pay for with your taxes.  They cheat to win bids and avoid paying their fair share. They do it because it’s been too easy to game the system and avoid getting caught.

It’s so bad that Attorneys-General from 12 states came together to press the federal government to crack down on cheaters. Read it here.

It’s so bad that, just when we need enforcement more than ever, budget cuts and “changed priorities” have slashed enforcement by the IRS—to the point of “collapse.” Read it here.

Between now and April 15 visit this page regularly to learn more about Construction Industry Tax Fraud, and how we can all Stand Up, Speak Out and TAKE ACTION to fight against it.

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