The Losses Keep Mounting

More than $8.4 billion a year is lost to Construction Industry Employer Tax Fraud! Watch the losses climb, from Jan. 1, 2017 to now. 


We Abide by the Rules, and They Should Too

An interview with Lester Royal, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Tri-Construction, North Minneapolis. In more than 20 years helping to lead Tri-Construction, a successful construction company, Lester Royal has learned that success “is not about you, it’s about your team.” He and CEO Calvin Littlejohn built their company on a foundation of mentorship, high skills and giving back to the community.  

Conquering the Crisis of Employer Tax Fraud

Across the United States and Canada, communities are alive with the sights and sounds of construction work on long-needed projects to repair and rebuild public infrastructure, not to mention the private development that an investment in infrastructure brings. Both countries have made federal investments that will transform economic development for decades. The infrastructure boom can … Continued