The Losses Keep Mounting

Watch the losses climb from 2017 to now! $8.4 billion a year was lost from 2017 through 2020 and $10 billion a year from 2021.


Today is the Day: Stand Up, Speak Out!

With events planned for the next several days across Canada and the United States, members of the Carpenters Union and our allies are setting out to stand up and speak out against employer tax fraud in the construction industry. Click the Events tab at this website to learn about Days of Action events in your … Continued

Mark Your Calendar and Make a Plan: Tax Fraud Days of Action Are Coming!

Across the U.S. and Canada, Carpenters Union members and supporters are gearing up for a variety of events April 13 – 19 to protest the epidemic of employer tax fraud in the construction industry. Events are taking place at dozens of locations throughout the U.S. and Canada to demonstrate how construction employer tax fraud hurts … Continued

We’re Not Backing Down in This Fight

By Douglas J. McCarron General President United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America In a few weeks, thousands of Carpenters Union members will stand up and demand an end to construction employer tax fraud and worker abuse. By taking part in Tax Fraud Days of Action, April 13–19, members of UBC councils throughout the … Continued

We Held Up Signs That Said, ‘Where’s Our Pay?’

By Luis Robles Carpenter San Antonio, Texas I’ve worked in construction for about 18 years. A couple years ago a group of friends helped me find work on a big project with two CPS Energy buildings. The broker who hired me was Miguel Candelaria. I installed drywall and framing for $20 or $22 an hour. … Continued

We Take Our Responsibility to Serve the Public Very Seriously

By Kris Putrelo President Putrelo Building Enterprises New Hartford, New York Our company has been in business in the Utica area of central New York State for more than 18 years in commercial construction. We operate as a general contractor on many jobs, and we can work as a specialty subcontractor; everything from ground-up construction … Continued

Zeroing in on Employer Tax Fraud

Construction is not the only thing that’s booming. So is recognition of the troubles caused by construction employer tax fraud. Recently, for the first time, the U.S. Department of the Treasury recognized tax fraud and workers’ compensation premium fraud in the construction industry as a serious concern. The attention from the Treasury Department aligns with … Continued